These are some of the most frequently asked questions, we hope they prove useful.

If your query is not addressed below then please contact us directly and we will gladly assist you.

Q- Cash or Credit Card Payment?
Answer – We offer both options, although should you wish to do a cash transaction, we will still require documentation to ensure we have all the required information to create an invoice. All cash deposits need to reflect in our bank account prior to us releasing the vehicle as well as proof of comprehensive insurance cover if you do not take our vehicle damage indemnification option.

Q- Do I Need to Open an Account to Hire a Vehicle?
Answer – Yes, you will need to complete a credit application form including for cash accounts and supply supporting documentation (we will need to have the credit application split for company and private applications and provide the list of supporting documents required.)

Q – Can I Collect a Vehicle in One Location and Drop Off in Another?
Answer – Yes, you can however it must be noted that vehicles need to be returned to the owner branch. The return kilometres and fuel will be for your account. We can also arrange a courier to bring the vehicle back to the owner branch at an additional cost.

Q – Do I Have to Provide Insurance for the Vehicle Myself?
Answer – Imperial can provide vehicle damage indemnification (VDI) which excludes 3rd party cover or you can opt for 3rd party cover at an additional cost. We however do require clients to use your own insurance for the hire of our 10/14/23 seaters. Should you not be able to arrange that then we can outsource the insurance at an additional cost. We can also outsource Goods In Transit (GIT) insurance should you wish to insure your goods.

Q – How do the Rates Work?
Answer – You can choose the rental period that best suits your rental needs. We offer ad hoc vehicle rentals (per day/week/trip) as well as monthly rentals. We can customise the options and include kilometres that you estimate you will require to ensure a favourable rate. We also offer Full Maintenance Rentals (FMR) over various yearly rental periods on many category vehicles.

Q – What Licence Must the Driver Have to Drive Imperial Vehicles?
Answer- Please refer to our fleet list on our website as the details are specified there, per vehicle category as well as a valid PDP is also required.

Q – Do I Need to Supply my Own Driver and Crew?
Answer – No, you do not, we have an option that provides drivers and crew with our vehicles. Please note your driver must have the correct driver’s license and PDP should you opt to use your own, depending on the category of vehicle you will be hiring.

Q – What are Your Payment Terms for Company Accounts?
Answer: You may apply to open an account and should it be approved the payment terms is 30 days from date of the invoice. The other options are payment via Cash / EFT or Credit Card.

Q – Are your Vehicles Monitored by Satellite Tracking?
Answer – Yes, all our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking systems and clients can have access to monitor your monthly rental vehicles at an additional cost. We can also provide satellite movement reports for clients renting on an adhoc (daily/weekly/trip) basis at an additional minimal cost.

Booking Form

  • You are required to complete a credit application before you or your company can rent vehicles.